The 2017 Defence, Security & Space Forum


Speaker: Joe Mariani, Deloitte, USA

Title: The Connections are Key: The Implications of the Internet of Things on Military Technology


Meeting the unknown challenges of the 21st century depends more on the creativity of those in uniform to see new connections and opportunities than it does on any killer app or new technology.  Technologies alone cannot provide an enduring asymmetric advantage – you can’t buy victory. For example, when the tank was first introduced and used in isolation in older doctrines, it was only marginally successful. However, when a new doctrine established new connections between the tank and other technologies…it became revolutionary. These connections, or architectures, are the true source of innovation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is just such architecture, with the potential to save money, improve effectiveness, and provide lasting strategic advantage.  But IoT also brings with it organizational and security challenges that present both opportunities and obstacles.



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