Student Design Competition


When: Tuesday, 12.01.2021, and Wednesday, 13.01.2021 
Contact: Ulf Johannsen via

Thrust 1 – Drone Localisation System: This competition is organised by ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy. The goal is to design a system to localize drones using the drone’s self-generated broadband radio frequency interference (RFI). Eight teams will receive a drone and receivers to build a demonstrator for the 2020 European Microwave Week. The three best teams will receive cash prizes. To participate, submit your team’s preliminary design by 31st August 2020.

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Thrust 2 – Cancelled

Thrust 3 - Linear HPA Design with Behavioral Model: Maury Microwave is the sponsor of the Thrust-3. This competition aims to introduce the students to the linearity concept of high-power amplifiers. The students will design a high-power amplifier with improved linearity. The HPA revealing the smallest Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) will be the winner. Maury Microwave is going to provide the transistor model. Wolfspeed is the transistor sponsor of the competition. The competition will be online, and the measurements of the amplifiers will be performed with a live session at Maury Microwave. The first and second place winners will receive $1500 and $1000, respectively. All invited participants will receive $100 if their amplifier is able to reveal more than 25% average PAE. For the competition rules and design tools, contact Dr. Osman Ceylan by e-mail:




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