Doctoral School

Microwaves for Emerging Medical Technologies

Date:26th September and 27th September 2022
Location: Suite 1, MiCo Milan
Organiser: Simona Di Meo, University of Pavia, IT
Chair of the school: Simona Di Meo, University of Pavia, IT
Co-Chair of the school: Micaela Liberti, University of Rome La Sapienza, IT


The 'Microwaves for Emerging Medical Technologies' school offers PhD students and postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to discover recent advances in the use of electromagnetic waves in the medical field. In particular, a general overview of the mechanisms regulating the interaction between biological tissues and electromagnetic waves, at both the microscopic and macroscopic level, will first be offered. Then, some of the most promising applications of electromagnetism in the biomedical field will be shown, including numerical modelling of different anatomical regions, as well as methods enabling the translation from the prototype stage to the market introduction of new medical devices.

This school is ideal for those already working in this field who wish to deepen and consolidate their knowledge, but also for those with a different background who want to learn about these new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches based on the use of electromagnetic waves largely investigated worldwide since many years.


SESSION 1: Theoretical foundations

Monday, 26 September 2022

09.10 – 10.00
Frequency behavior of biological tissues dielectric properties
Speaker: Prof. Francesca Apollonio, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

10.00 – 10.50
Measurements of tissues dielectric permittivity in frequency and in temperature
Speaker: Prof. Lourdes Farrugia, University of Malta

10.50 – 11.20
Coffee break

11.20 – 12.10
Frequency-dependent interactions in biomedical electromagnetics: fundamentals and physical foundations
Speaker: Dr Maxim Zhadobov, IETR / CNRS, France

SESSION 2: Methodologies and Approaches of EM Waves in Biomedical Field

12.10 – 13.00
Dielectric spectroscopy for molecular and cellular analysis, introduction and measurement techniques
Speaker: Prof. Katia Grenier, LAAS-CNRS, France

13.00 – 14.20

14.20 – 15.10
The challenges of nanoseconds and sub-nanoseconds Pulsed Electric Fields for electropermeabilization
Speaker: Prof. Lluis M. Mir, DRCE CNRS emeritus, France

15.10 – 16.00
In Silico Clinical Trials and RF Safety Assessment using Human Anatomical Models and Digital Twins
Speaker: Dr Lena Kranold – IT’IS foundation, Switzerland

18.20 – 18.30
Tom Brazil Fellowship Awards shortlist announcement

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

09.00 – 09.10
Simona Di Meo, University of Pavia, IT

09.10 – 10.00
Introduction to radar and tomographic imaging
Speaker: Prof. Marco Pasian, University of Pavia

10.00 – 10.50
Thermal EM-based approaches for cancer treatment
Speaker: Prof. Martin O’Halloran, National University of Ireland Galway – NUI Galway, Ireland

SESSION 3: Towards Patient Bedside Applications

14.20 – 15.10
Cancer diagnostics at microwaves
Speaker: Prof Milica Popovic, McGill University, Canada

15.10 – 16.00
Brain stroke imaging at microwaves
Speaker: Prof. Francesca Vipiana, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

16.00 – 16.20
Cofee Break

16.20 – 17.10
Applications of microwave tumor ablation
Speaker: Dr Laura Farina, Endowave Ltd, Galway, Ireland

Final test: Tuesday afternoon

Proposed credits: 3


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