4th European Microwave Doctoral School ‘Emerging Technologies for Reconfigurable Radio and Hands-on Practice’


When: Tuesday 1st October until Wednesday 2nd October
Location: Room 741BC on Tuesday afternoon and Specific booth next to Registration Desk on Wednesday
Organisers: Florence Podevin and Estelle Lauga-Larroze (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France)

About the European Microwave Doctoral School
Following the success of the previous editions, this year‘s European Microwave Week features the 4th European Microwave Doctoral School. The aim of the Doctoral School is to offer to PhD students, beyond the normal conference programme, an overview of various emerging technologies. This year thematic is devoted to reconfigurable radio. The School gathers several speakers that develop their research in different topics linked to this field. The talks of the Doctoral School are longer (50 min) than typical conference presentations. Additionally, the School includes a Hands-on Design Experience on Wednesday: in collaboration with master students registered at the Student School, PhD students will build a modern digital transceiver. Attention has to be paid on the free Tuesday morning enabling preferential access to the Career Platform.

The registration fee for this event is €80. For the registration, PhD students will need a valid student ID of an accredited university. Students are prompted to bring their own laptops. For registration, please go to the registration site,  select ‘Register as a Conference Delegate’ and select EuMW Doctoral School. Registration is open until 10th September 2019. Space is limited, so secure your ticket well in advance.


Tuesday 1st October

13:50-14:00 Doctoral School presentation

14:00-14:45 RF Circuit Design with the Inversion Coefficient: Application to LNA Implementations
Thierry Taris, Univ. of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France

14:45-15:30 Innovative switches for reconfigurability with PCM / SOI / MEMS
Bruno Reig, CEA-Léti, Grenoble, France

15:30-16:10 Break

16:10-17:00 Microwave Filtering through Signal Interference
Roberto Gomez-Garcia, Universidad de Alcala, Madrid, Spain

17:00-17:50 Beam-Forming and Antennas
Luigi Boccia, Universita' della Calabria, Cosenza, Italy

Wednesday 2nd October

9:00-12:30 Hands on activity - Building a modern digital transceiver in one day
David S. Ricketts, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA

12:30-13:50 Lunch

13:50-17:50 Hands on activity - Building a modern digital transceiver in one day
David S. Ricketts, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA



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