Tom Brazil Doctoral School of Microwaves


When: Thursday, 14.01.2021
Where: SPARK
Contact: Jaap Essing and Robbert Schulpen via

The Doctoral School is a one-day workshop and its objective is to cover the needs of a PhD student, which go beyond the normal conference program. This year’s Doctoral School will have lectures on technical topics, as well as on boosting your soft skills. 5G mmWave will be the common theme throughout the Doctoral School with a focus on the design of integrated active array systems, covering the fields all the way from RFIC to signal processing.

The Doctoral School will start with a lecture on the applications and requirements for 5G mmWave communication. From there, the lectures will go bottom-up from the system's subcomponents, having lectures on IC and antenna design for 5G mmWave, towards the design of a full active array system for mmWave applications. These lectures will emphasize multi-physics and co-design related aspects.

Next to these hardware-oriented lectures, the signal processing side of 5G mm-wave systems will also be highlighted. In one of the lectures, the stochastic modelling of radio hardware imperfections to bridge the gap between circuit design and communication engineering is discussed, whereas in another lecture the focus will be on massive MIMO for 5G mmWave.

The technical program is complemented with a lecture on concurrent engineering for complex systems, which presents a methodology for working in multi-disciplinary teams, and a lecture on boosting your productivity and creativity. The Doctoral School will end with an opportunity to network, while enjoying a drink.

The fee for participating in this event is 80€ per participant. For registration please follow the conference registration procedure.

A detailed program will be announced shortly.


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