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This year EuMW will run 2 schools dedicated to student that want to discover and learn. The first school is dedicated on Design activities while the second one will concentrate on Radar basics and systems.

The 2 schools are included hands-on sessions with real hardware, thus number of available seats is limited. Please register as soon as possible if you want to join.

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Design school:September 24th

This design school is an exclusive opportunity for master and PhD students to gain in experience with microelectronics models suitable for low-power advanced technology nodes and associated methodologies of design. A theoretical approach of the inversion coefficient will be proposed in accordance with the presentation of the Advanced Compact Model declined in its 5-parameter version.

A design method appropriate to the sizing of an RF LNA will be also presented. Finally, the afternoon will be dedicated to practical hands-on with an open source CAD tool. A personal laptop is required to participate in the hands-on sessions.

Radar School: September 26 and 27th

The one-day training course (Thursday the 26th or Friday the 27th) proposed by the MRTC (Microwave and Radar Training Center) in partnership with Rhode & Schwarz for the European Schools on Radar:

The morning session will feature general presentations with examples covering the basic principles of radar, including the radar equation, FMCW radar, and Rhode & Schwarz's radar emulator. In the afternoon, attendees will participate in hands-on workshops in small groups, using equipment such as an FMCW radar, an ultrasonic radar, a receiver to assemble, and a bench for simulating electronic warfare scenarios.

The goal of this training is to provide basic theoretical skills in the field of microwaves and radar who work in these areas. By the end of the course, attendees will have a theoretical understanding that will enable them to understand physical phenomena, perform complex measurements on microwave equipment, and grasp the architecture and major performance characteristics of radars.


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