Stand Space Costs at EuMW 2024

Exhibitors are charged per metre of floor space booked. The cost is dependent on whether the stand is space only (raw space) or shell scheme. The costs are as follows (excluding VAT):

  1. Space Only (Raw Space 12sqm & Above Only) per square metre:
    €634/m2 + VAT @ 20%
    A Space Only stand is just the floor space occupied. A stand must be designed/built on this space by your own stand builder after submitting construction drawings for approval
  2. Space with Shell Scheme (9sqm compulsory) per square metre:
    €667/m2 + VAT @ 20% 

A Shell Scheme stand consists of the following:

  • • White back & side walls
  • • Fascia Board with company name and stand number
  • • 1 x spotlight per 3sqm of space including main connection and consumption
  • • 1 x 1kw single phase socket outlet including main connection and consumption
  • • Carpeting


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