Workshops & Short Courses


The links in the table below take you to the latest schedule for each workshop and short course, including any updates since the printed version was produced.  

SS-01 Half Day EuMC Introduction to SSPA Design and Considerations for
Spaceborne Applications
WS-01 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC GaN HEMT Characterization and Modeling for micro- and mm-Wave Power Amplifier Applications
WS-02 Half Day EuMC/EuMIC High Efficiency mm-wave Power Amplifiers for 5G 
WS-03 Half Day EuMC/EuMIC Current Trends in Broadband, Efficient and Linear PAs for 5G Wireless Applications 
WS-04 Half Day EuMC RF Techniques for Cellular Carrier Aggregation and Beyond
WS-05 Half Day EuMC 5G Systems & Millimeterwave Communications in Smart Public Transport
WS-06 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Terahertz Technologies from Fundamentals to
Implementations: A Device and Application Prospective
WS-07 Half Day EuMC Broadband Power Amplifiers for Wireless Applications
WS-08 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Transmitter Modules for Smart Antennas and MIMO
WS-09 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Metamaterials, Metasurfaces and Applications
WS-10 Full Day EuMC Radioastronomy Instrumentation
WS-11 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Highly Integrated RF Transceiver Systems 
WS-12 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Wideband Supply Modulated RF Power Amplifiers for Energy Efficient Wireless Communication Infrastructure
SS-02 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Fundamentals of Microwave PA Design
SS-03 Half Day EuMC/EuMIC Additive Manufacturing of Radio-Frequency Components 
WM-01 Full Day EuMC Digital Calibration and Nonlinear Compensation Techniques for MIMO Wireless Transmitters in 5G and Beyond
WM-02 Full Day EuMC High Power RF Breakdown and PIM in Space Applications N111
WM-03 Full Day EuMC Recent Advances in RF/Microwave Filters for Space Application
WM-04 Full Day EuMC Substrate Integration Technologies and Applications
SM-01 Full Day EuMC Microwaves for Quantum Information Technology
SM-02 Full Day EuMC Classical and Novel Synthesis Methods for Filters and Multiplexers
SM-03 Full Day EuMC Coupling-Matrix-Based Design of RF/Microwave Filters
SM-04 Full Day EuMC High-Speed Interconnects and Signal Integrity
WTu-01 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD Microwaves for Biomedical Applications
WW-01 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD Relevance of Electromagnetics in Communication System Design
WW-02 Full Day EuRAD Automotive Radar and HAD
WTh-01 Full Day EuMC THz Applications: Present and Future
WTh-02 Half Day EuMC Wearable and Smart Electronics: Design, Materials
and Applications
WTh-03 Half Day EuRAD Millimeter-wave Radar for Industrial and Consumer Applications
WTh-04 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD THz Electronics for Communication and Remote Sensing Systems
WTh-05 Half Day EuMC New Generations of Microwave Measurements
and the Impact of Uncertainty/Sensitivity 
WTh-06 Half Day EuMC Doherty Legacy: from Invention to Revival
WTh-07 Half Day EuRAD Coexistence in the Crowded Spectrum between 1 and 100 GHz  
SF-01 Full Day EuMC/EuRAD Multibeam Antennas and Beamforming Networks
WF-01 Half Day EuRAD Advanced mm-Wave Circuits and Systems for Emerging Radar Applications 
WF-02 Full Day EuMC Modern Trends in Terahertz Electronics and Systems
WF-03 Full Day EuMC Tunable/Reconfigurable Filters and Multiplexers for Multi-Band Applications
WF-04 Half Day EuRAD Future Automotive Radar towards Autonomous Driving
WF-05 Full Day EuMC Advances Toward Autonomous RF Filter Design  
WF-06 Full Day EuMC Advanced Solutions for Near-Field and Far-Field Wireless Charging
WF-07 Full Day EuMC Backscatter Communications the Next Paradigm for IoT Approaches 



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