Workshops & Short Courses


SUNDAY 29th September
Full Day WS-01 EuMC/EuMIC Recent Advances in SiGe BiCMOS: Technologies, Modelling and Circuits for 5G, radar and imaging
Full Day WS-02 EuMC/EuMIC RF Techniques for 5G Applications
Full Day WS-03 EuMC Microwave Characterization and Modelling at Nano and Micro-Scale of Advanced Materials to Enhance Emerging
Products Manufacturing
Full Day WS-04 EuMC Real Amplifier Devices for 5G New Radios
Full Day WS-05 EuMC/EuMIC Microwave measurements at systems, components and materials levels: a global approach to improve energy
efficiency of the next generation of electronic devices
Half Day AM WS-06 EuMC Future Wireless Technologies in the Terahertz and Optical Frequency Bands
Half Day AM WS-07 EuMC New materials and technologies for reconfigurable RF components
Full Day WS-08 EuMC/EuMIC RF Technologies & Techniques for Multi-Band Power Amplifiers for Radars and Communications
Full Day WS-09 EuMC THz Applications: Present and Future
Full Day SS-01 EuMC Fundamentals of Microwave PA Design
Half Day AM SS-01 EuMC/EuMIC Silicon-Based Integrated Technology Platform for Millimeter Wave (MMW) and Terahertz (THz) Applications


MONDAY 30th September
Half Day AM WM-01 EuMC/EuMIC Advanced CAD Tools and Techniques for the System Co-Design of Smart Antenna and Transmitter Modules
Half Day PM WM-02 EuMC Phase Change Material for Microwave Applications
Full Day WM-03 EuMC Current and Future Use of Spectrum by PMSE
Full Day WM-04 EuMC/EuMIC Integration and multi-physics challenges in 5G mm-wave system design
Full Day WM-05 EuMC Terahertz Devices, Circuits and Systems: from fundamentals to applications
Full Day WM-06 EuMC Recent Advances in Technologies and Practical Realizations of Compact Filters
Half Day AM WM-07 EuMC Technologies and modelling for electromagnetically-mediated medical treatments: at the beginning of the “electroceuticals” era
Half Day PM WM-08 EuMC Advanced Microwave Systems for Emerging Healthcare Applications
Half Day AM WM-09 EuMC/EuMIC New challenges and new trends mixing active and passive devices in silicon technology: from components to tunable RF functions
Half Day PM SM-01 EuMC Multibeam Antennas and Beamforming Networks


TUESDAY 1st October
Half Day AM STu-01 EuMC Antenna Booster Technology for IoT Applications


WEDNESDAY 2nd October
Full Day WW-01 EuMC/EuRAD Advanced passive radar techniques and applications
Full Day WW-02 EuMC/EuRAD Radar Interference and Coexistence


THURSDAY 3rd October
Half Day AM WTh-01 EuRAD Automotive Radar Systems and Signal Processing
Full Day WTh-02 EuMC/EuRAD Test Procedures & Solutions, as well as simulation & Validation of sensor functions and Entire Adas Systems
Half Day PM STh-01 EuRAD Modern Advances in Computational Imaging at Microwave and Millimetre-Wave Frequencies


FRIDAY 4th October
Half Day AM WF-01 EuRAD Automotive Radar Frontend Technologies
Full Day WF-02 EuMC Measurements and Waveguides for Millimetre-wave and Terahertz Frequencies


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