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EuMW 2024 comprises three co-located conferences:

• The European Microwave Conference (EuMC)

• The European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC)

• The European Radar Conference (EuRAD)

Registration at one conference does not allow access to the sessions of the other conferences.

Full Week ticket:

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- Sunday: lunch boxes provided to delegates

- Monday-Friday: delegates receive a seated lunch

FROM NOW UP TO & INCLUDING 23 August 2024)
(FROM 24 August & ONSITE)
  Society Member Non-Member Society Member Non-Member
1 Conference
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
€630 €180
€880 €250
€880 €250
€1230 €350
€480 €160
€670 €220
€670 €220
€940 €310
€430 €150
€600 €200
€600 €200
€830 €290
2 Conferences
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
€890 €340
€1240 €470
€1240 €470
€1740 €660
EuMC + EuRad
€840 €320
€1180 €450
€1180 €450
€1650 €640
€730 €300
€1020 €420
€1020 €420
€1420 €590
3 Conferences
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
€1070 €480
€1500 €670
€1500 €670
€2110 €940
Full Week Ticket
€1550 €910
€2100 €1190
€2100 €1190
€2840 €1590


(UP TO & INCLUDING 23 August 2024)
(FROM 24 August 2024 & ONSITE)
  Date Delegates* All Others** Delegates* All Others**
Automotive Forum 23 September 2024 €325 €455 €455 €635
Defence, Security & Space Forum 25 September 2024 €70 €100 €100 €140
6G Forum 26 September 2024 €70 €100 €100 €140
Design School 24 September 2024 €40 €55 €40 €55
Radar School 26/27 September 2024 €40 €55 €40 €55
Gala Dinner 25 September 2024 €60 €60 €60 €60
*Those registered for EuMC, EuMIC or EuRAD **Those not registered for a conference


Workshops and Short Courses

Despite the organiser’s best efforts to ensure the availability of all listed workshops and short courses, the list below may be subject to change. Also workshop numbering is subject to change. Please refer to at the time of registration for final workshop availability and numbering.

Sunday 22 September 2024
WS-01 Full Day Terahertz technologies, millimeter-waves, circuits and system inplementations of devices
WS-02 Full Day Key Enabling Technologies for Future Wireless, Wired & Satcom Applications
WS-03 Full Day Challenges and design considerations for characterizing sub-THz and 6G communication links
WS-04 Full Day Disruptive sub-THz antenna and transceiver systems for future sensing, localization and communication
WS-05 Full Day Technologies and Circuits for 5G RF Front End Modules and Evolution to 6G
WS-06 Half Day Comprehensive Exploration of GaN Device and Power Amplifier (PA) Technologies: From Fundamentals to the Latest Applications in 5G and Beyond.
WS-07 Full Day Design, characterization, and integration challenges in active phased arrays for wireless communications
WS-08 Full Day Photonic Technologies for Radio Frequency Applications
WS-09 Half Day Towards THz communication: implementation and propagation challenges in harsh environments
WS-10 Half Day Ultra-wideband efficient PAs and broadband matching design techniques
SC-01 Full Day Fundamentals of PA design
WS-11 Half Day Recent Advances in Topologies, Technologies and Practical Realizations of Microwave Sensors
WS-12 Half Day Reconfigurable devices using new materials and technologies
WS-13 Half Day RF and Microwave Systems for Edge Intelligence
WS-14 Half Day Characterization, Calibration, and Production Test of Phased Array Antennas (PAA) for Non-Terrestrial-Network (NTN)
Monday 23 September 2024
WM-01 Full Day Space (Sub) millimetre-wave Receivers for Earth Observation and Planetary Science
WM-02 Full Day On-wafer measurements and material characterisation for communications and quantum applications
WM-03 Half Day Last advances in scanning microwave microscopy including metrology and emerging applications
WM-04 Half Day Packaging and RFICs for Wireless Communication and Radar Sensing above 100 GHz
Thursday 26 September 2024
WTh-01 Half Day Integrated Microwave Photonics for communication and sensing
WTh-02 Half Day Radar Networks
WTh-03 Half Day Integrated antenna systems for next-generation D-band communication and radar systems
WTh-04 Full Day Microwave Photonics for Wireless Sensing
SC-03 Full Day Basics of Systems Engineering for the Microwave Engineering Community
Friday 27 September 2024
WF-01 Full Day Last advances in free-space radar sensing for electromagnetic materials modelling and characterization
WF-02 Full Day Chipless RFID Systems: Future and Challenges
SC-02 Half Day Introduction to implantable antennas: implant antenna design methodology, numerical analysis and modelling, prototyping and testing, and phantoms
SC-04 Half Day Radar Waveform Optimization Mastery
WF-03 Full Day Advanced SAR processing techniques for security and safety applications


  Society Member Non-Member Society Member Non-Member
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Standard Student/Sr.
Half Day
€120 €90
€160 €120
€160 €120
€210 €160
Full Day
€170 €130
€230 €170
€230 €170
€300 €230
*Those registered for EuMC, EuMIC or EuRAD **Those not registered for a conference



EuMA membership fees: Professional € 25 / year, Student € 15 / year.

One can apply for EuMA membership by ticking the appropriate box during registration for EuMW. Membership is valid for one year, starting when the subscription is completed. The discount for the EuMW fees applies immediately. Members have full digital access to the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies.

The EuMA website has its Knowledge Centre which presently. contains over 24,000 papers published under the EuMA umbrella. Full texts are available to EuMA members only, who can make as many copies as they wish, at no extra cost.

On-site Registration Opening Times:

• Saturday 21 September 2024 (16:00 - 19:00)
• Sunday 22 - Thursday 26 September 2024 (08:00 - 17:00)
• Friday 27 September 2024 (08:00 - 10.00)

Exhibition Opening Times:

• Tuesday 24 September (9:30-18:00)
• Wednesday 25 September (9:30-17:30)
• Thursday 26 September (9:30-16:30)



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