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By Plane:

Madrid Barajas airport is located only 10 minutes from the exhibition complex, and just 15 kilometres from the city centre, with which it is connected by Metro (Airport station T-1, T-2 and T-3). Now a top international airport, boasting a new fourth terminal airport station T-4, it guarantees daily connections from Feria de Madrid to all Spain's cities and to those throughout the world. 

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By Metro:

Access to Feria de Madrid is possible from anywhere in the city by means of Feria de Madrid station on Line 8, whose exit is at the South Entrance of the complex. Line 8 also connects the exhibition complexes with the different terminals of Barajas International Airport.

By Bus:

A wide bus network provides access to Feria de Madrid from different points in the city:
Route 112-Feria de Madrid-Bº Aeropuerto.
Route 122-Avda. de América-Feria de Madrid.
Route 828-Universidad Autónoma-Alcobendas-Canillejas-Feria de Madrid.

By Taxi:

With ranks at each entrance to the exhibition complex, more than 15,000 taxis are available to visitors to Feria de Madrid.

By Car:

Feria de Madrid is linked by road to Madrid's major access routes and ring roads: the M11 (Exits 5 and 7), the M40 (Exits 5, 6 and 7) and the A2 (Exit 7). The South, North and East Entrances to the exhibition complex provide direct access to the various parking areas.

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1. Shuttle in IFEMA – South to North entrance

A shuttle will be available from Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th from IFEMA South Entrance (Metro station) to IFEMA North Entrance (conference centre).

In any case, walking distance entering from South entrance to conference centre is about 10 minutes.

2. Shuttles from hotels to IFEMA

Shuttle 1: Hilton Madrid Airport

On Sunday:
Free Shuttle from Hilton to IFEMA North leaving at 8.30
Free Shuttle from IFEMA North to Hilton leaving at 18.30

From Monday to Friday:
Free Shuttle from Hilton to IFEMA North: 4 trips from leaving at 8.00, 8.30, 9.00 and 9.30
Free Shuttle from IFEMA North to Hilton: 4 trips leaving at 16.30, 17.00, 17.30 and 18.00

Shuttle 2: Hotels in Madrid Airport area

Hotels to IFEMA:

On Sunday:

Trip 3: 8.15 Hotel Elba Alcalá – 8.25 NH Madrid Barajas Airport – 8.30 Senator Barajas Hotel – 8.37 Meliá Barajas Hotel – 8.45 IFEMA

From Monday to Friday:

Trip 1: 7.45 Hotel Elba Alcalá – 7.55 NH Madrid Barajas Airport – 8.00 Senator Barajas Hotel – 8.07 Meliá Barajas Hotel – 8.15 IFEMA

Trip 2: 8.30 Hotel Elba Alcalá – 8.40 NH Madrid Barajas Airport – 8.45 Senator Barajas Hotel – 8.52 Meliá Barajas Hotel – 9.00 IFEMA

Trip 3: 9.15 Hotel Elba Alcalá – 9.25 NH Madrid Barajas Airport – 9.30 Senator Barajas Hotel – 9.37 Meliá Barajas Hotel – 9.45 IFEMA

IFEMA to Hotels:

On Sunday:

Trip: 18.30 IFEMA  – 18.45 Hotel Elba Alcalá – 18.55 NH Madrid Barajas Airport – 19.00 Senator Barajas Hotel – 19.05 Meliá Barajas Hotel

From Monday to Friday:

Trip 1: 16.20 IFEMA  – 16.35 Hotel Elba Alcalá – 16.45 NH Madrid Barajas Airport – 16.50 Senator Barajas Hotel - 16.57 Meliá Barajas Hotel

Trip 2: 17.15 IFEMA  – 17.30 Hotel Elba Alcalá – 17.40 NH Madrid Barajas Airport – 17.45 Senator Barajas Hotel – 17.52 Meliá Barajas Hotel

Trip 3: 18.05 IFEMA  – 18.20 Hotel Elba Alcalá – 18.30 NH Madrid Barajas Airport – 18.35 Senator Barajas Hotel – 18.40 Meliá Barajas Hotel

Hotel Shuttles

There are also the following free shuttles provided by the hotels (Contact the hotel for details of the service):

Hilton Madrid Airport: free shuttle to Airport and Madrid downtown.

AC Hotel Madrid Feria by Marriott: free shuttle to IFEMA

Hotel Clement Barajas: free shuttle to Airport and IFEMA (time changes depending on events).

Hotel Osuna: free shuttle to Airport and IFEMA (available 24 hours a day).

Maydrit Hotel: free shuttle to Airport and IFEMA (advance booking via reception).

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport: free shuttle to Airport and IFEMA (time changes depending on events).

Holiday Inn Madrid Calle Alcalá: free shuttle to IFEMA.


Shuttle to Welcome Reception

IFEMA to Welcome Reception: Tuesday at 18.00 at North Entrance

Welcome Reception to Madrid: Information will be given during the conference.


Shuttle to WiM event:

The bus will leave at 12.30 from IFEMA North Entrance.
The bus will return at 18.00 to IFEMA North Entrance. There will be a connection for the Welcome Reception.


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