Defence, Security and Space Forum


Space Situational Awareness
Wednesday 13th January 2021
08:30 to 17:50

Chair: Marco Martorella, University of Pisa, Italy
Co-Chair: Mark Bentum, Eindhoven University of Technology & ASTRON, The Netherlands

Space has become a new battleground where both economic and military interests clash. Space Situational Awareness (SSA) refers to keeping track of objects in orbit and predicting where they will be at any given time, in other words: determine a persistent and continuously updated picture
of the situation in space. According to NATO’s definition, SSA is the knowledge and the understanding of military and non-military events, activities, circumstances and conditions within and associated with the space environment or space-related systems. To accomplish this, a complex infrastructure must be in place that includes sensors, communications systems, physical phenomena
knowledge, technical and management skills that allow for all the necessary systems to operate and interact effectively.

The Defence, Security and Space Forum will address the topic of Space Situational Awareness. When thinking of Space and SSA, we tend to ask ourselves many questions that are related to our ability to understand and handle Space, for instance: What have we learnt in the past years of SSA activities? How is the “New Space Era” affecting Space and its safety? Are our SSA systems keeping up the pace of the new developments in Space? Are we prepared to face what the future may hold?

World-wide renowned experts will present and discuss various SSA-related topics, ranging from space surveillance, challenges and threats in Space to Space Weather, providing some answers to the above questions and with the aim of triggering valuable discussions where SSA will be the primary focus. Technological aspects will be considered that are impacting both military and
civilian scenarios. Well-known and new threats will also be discussed in order to understand the risks that space induces.

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