Chatroulette (Daily)

One of the best aspects of conferences is the networking between all attendees. Walking around the conference area and having unplanned meetings with people that share the same working area. However, as now everything is online, is this still possible? Of course! We’ve got you covered! Using the Chatroulette concept, you are able to randomly chat with other people within the conference and when "the both of you" are done, you can just press "Next". Chatroulette will be available throughout the conference, but usage during the breaks is recommended for the most diversity 😊

On the 12th of January, we will have a dedicated evening where a countdown timer will be added, just to give it a little extra dimension. Don't forget to share your contact details before the time is up!

Chatroulette wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsors! We would like to thank Maury Microwave, AMCAD Engineering and Keysight Technologies for their support!


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