The Automotive Forum


Monday 23rd September 2024
09:00 – 18:20

Following applications like keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring systems, mobile communications and recently automotive radar made microwave technologies a strong pillar inside the automotive world. The first 77 GHz automotive radar sensors entered the European market in 1999. In 2019, the European Microwave Association (EuMA) for the first time organized the Automotive Forum to provide an open platform for industrial experts to discuss technical aspects, concepts and radar architectures as well as market issues in the area of microwaves in the automotive industry. The forum consists of a good mix of technical presentations, panel discussions and a poster exhibition as well as networking time including a dinner. It is mainly devoted to technical experts from automotive industry throughout the whole supply chain. Keynote speakers will present their views on special technical solutions as well as regulatory or strategic issues.


Exemplary topics that could be addressed in the Automotive Forum 2024 are:

  • • Novel waveforms/modulation schemes for radars
  • • Imaging and cognitive radars
  • • Radar networks and distributed array radars
  • • AI signal processing for automotive radars
  • • Interference issues (mutual, mitigation,...)
  • • Integration of radar satellites into a centralized vehicle architecture
  • • Automotive radars above 100 GHz
  • • Enabling technologies and building blocks for automotive radars

Time schedule

  • • 21 April 2024 Deadline for submission of talks and/or posters
  • • 17 May 2024 Notification of acceptance
  • • 30 June 2024 Deadline for submission of first draft of slides/posters
  • • 21 July 2024 Feedback on the slides and posters
  • • 30 August 2024 Submission of final presentation slides and posters
  • • 23 September 2024 Automotive Forum in Paris, France (including networking dinner)

All relevant Information can also be found in the Call for Talks.

Please submit your proposal (title, presenter, abstract or table of contents) by 21 April 2024 to

Please notice: The sessions are of technical nature and presentations shall show innovative & technical content in the automotive radar sector. Late submissions or “product promotion presentations” will not be considered.


About EuMA

The European Microwave Association (EuMA) is an international non-profit association with a scientific, educational and technical purpose. The aim of the Association is to develop in an interdisciplinary way, education, training and research activities. [more]

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