5G to 6G Forum

Innovations, Challenges, and Roadmap – An Electronics Perspective

Thursday 21st September 2023
09:00 – 18:20

Chair: Norman Franchi (FAU, Germany)
Co-Chair: Robert Weigel (FAU, Germany), Andreas Müller (Bosch, Germany)

The 5G to 6G Forum will be held on September 21, 2023, and it is a one-day international industry forum that deep dives into the main important research and development trends that will permit the evolution of services from 5G to 6G with a clear focus on the radio frequency technologies that will enable the use of, e.g., the FR3, millimeter-wave, and sub-THz bands. The Forum consists of a full-day session with invited speakers from industry, operators, vendors, academia, and the 6G Platform Germany.

The forum will specifically focus on electronics-relevant technologies (e.g., analog and digital chip design, RF technology, semiconductor technology, antennas, embedded systems, packaging, test systems, etc.) and will thus address the question “What do 5G/6G and the transition from 5G to 6G mean at the hardware/electronics level?”. The focus covers also aspects and technologies related to the integration of communications and sensing as well as aspects to improve coverage and performance of millimeter-wave and sub-THz networks. The presence of leading operators and 5G leading vendors together with academia will permit setting the scene in terms of requirements, long-term vision, and most important research trends.

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