From 5G to 6G Forum

Thursday 29th September 2022
09:00 – 18:20
Room: Amber 3

Chair: Renato Lombardi, Huawei Technologies , Head of Italy Research center, Italy
Co-Chair: Christian Mazzucco, Huawei Technologies , 5G mmw team leader, Milan Research Center, Italy

The Forum deep dives on the main important research trends that will permit the evolution of services from 5G to 6G with a clear focus on the radio frequency technologies that will enable the use of the millimeter-wave and sub-THz bands. The Forum consists of a full day session with invited speakers from industry, operators and vendors, and academy. In particular the Focus covers all those aspects related integration of communication and sensing, the novel Electromagnetic Information Theory, aspects to improve coverage and performance of millimeter-wave networks. The presence of leading operators and 5G leading vendors together with academy will permit setting the scene in terms of requirements, long term vision and most important research trends. The Forum will include a panel session, coffee breaks and packed lunch.


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