The 5G Forum


From Technology to Business
Friday, 15th January 2021,
08:45 to 15:45

Chair: Bart Smolders, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Co-Chairs: Toon Norp, TNO, The Netherlands & Ulf Gustavsson, Ericsson, Sweden

The introduction of 5G is a major trend in cellular telecommunications; in various countries 5G frequency licenses are being awarded and 5G networks are rolled out. 5G promises to support a range of new applications - automotive, public safety, media, health, satellite communication, and factory automation to name a few - are supported using the same NR radio interface technology. The concept of 5G network slicing enables a single 5G network infrastructure to provide multiple virtual networks, each optimised for a particular application, service or industrial customer. In Europe, there are three pioneer frequency bands earmarked for 5G. Two of these - the 700 MHz band and the 3.5 GHz band - are in the same sub 6 GHz range of spectrum where most current cellular technologies can be found. The third pioneer band is the 26 GHz band; a new frequency band which will introduce microwave technology in cellular networks.

For the microwave industry, 5G will be a major new market opportunity. The market of billions of mobile phones is interesting, and on top of that, the application of microwave frequencies in 5G will imply the deployment of huge numbers of small basestations with electronic beam-steering capabilities. It is therefore of interest for the microwave community to get a system- and technology-level overview of what 5G will bring and how microwave technology can play a role in 5G.

The 2020 5G Forum hosts a mix of technical presentations, posters, demo sessions and a panel discussion. Technical presentations from industrial experts will address 5G strategic and market needs and discuss how these can be met with technology solutions. Poster and demo sessions allow research projects to show their advances with new 5G technology and provides an excellent networking opportunity.

For the 5G Forum programme and registration details please refer to the main conference programme.


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