On the road to ADAS and HAD - cars shown at EuMWeek 2017


Within the entrance hall of the Nuremburg Messe at NCC OST there will be a special exhibition of technology demonstrators and test cars from an OEM and three TIER1s, from Mercedes-Benz (MB), Bosch, Hella, and Valeo, respectively.

EuMWeek 2017 is focusing on ADAS on its way to HAD in the future. There are four workshops and three sessions within EuRAD dealing with this subject. A panel discussion in the EuMC closing session will address this subject in a broad view:

“Automated Driving. Enabled by Microwaves. What else?” 

Millimetre-wave radar in the frequency regime of 76 to 81 GHz will be the backbone for automated driving under all weather conditions. The radar evolved and today well known modulation schemes are used in SS-LiDAR (solid state – light detection and ranging) sensors. For HAD all available sensor types – LiDAR and cameras as well - are needed.

A cut-open chassis (MB) and a radar demonstrator (Hella - picture 1) show the complexity as well as the possibilities of the radar approach. Test cars equipped with radar (Bosch, Hella) are provided outside the Messe for test drives in the Nuremberg urban environment, while an Intelligent Drive Simulator (MB- picture 2) in the NCC Ost entrance hall gives the opportunity for a hands-on operating experience. Last but not least – in front of exhibition hall 7a – automated parking trials (Valeo) can be observed.

This special event can be visited during the normal exhibition hours – from Tuesday 10th to Thursday 12th October. 


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