Student Design Competition of EuMW 2017


Date: Wednesday 9th October 2017
Location: Room Shanghai

The Student Design Competitions involve master and doctoral students designing and measuring a microwave device developed prior to and this time even at the conference. This year three competitions will be offered:

Thrust 1: Transceiver Design  - Thrust 1 is made to learn designing and measuring a transceiver as a result of the graduate/doctoral school at the conference and the actual competition will be held at the end of the school on Wednesday.
Registration at the school is required.

Thrust 2: Power-amplifier for the Internet of Things - Thrust 2 is dedicated to the development of an efficient power amplifier for the internet of things at 2.45 GHz before the conference.

Thrust 3: Rectenna - Thrust 3 is meant to develop a rectifying antenna, again prior to the conference. Measurement facilities will be partly provided by National Instruments. 

Thrust 2 (PA) and 3 (Rectenna) will be done wednesday 11.10.2017 starting 10 h. Thrust 1 will be done on Wednesday in the schedule of the doctoral/master school which is announced Within the doctoral school. Be ready to attend the full day on Wednesday. 

Register by 1st September at


Click here for the SDC 2017 rules       

Note: Rules for the rectenna have been altered. Please see the document above for details. 

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