Reduced Fees and Special Grants

Reduced registration fees are offered for students as well as senior persons aged 65 years or more. The European Microwave Association will also provide up to 25 student grants of €500 and free conference registration.

EuMC: Up to fourteen Student Grants and free EUMC registration
EuMIC:  Up to six Student Grants and free EuMIC registration
EuRAD: Up to five Student Grants and free EuRAD registration 

Applicants for a Student Grant must be aged 30 or younger at the time of the European Microwave Week, be a full-time student (i.e., an undergraduate or a PhD student), and they will be asked to complete the grant application form and provide a supervisor’s written confirmation of their current student status.

The European Microwave Association will also provide up to 25 grants for delegates coming from the Newly Independent States, from Russia and from low-income countries. The value of the grant is € 500 in addition to a free EuMC registration. Applicants should complete the grant application form and be send it to by 26th May, 2017


Application Procedure

Deadline for Application of Student and Travel Grants: 26th May, 2017

Payment: Grants will not be paid in cash. There will be a bank transfer by the Treasurer at the Treasurer’s booth in the registration area, when the grant recipient/holder arrives at the conference centre. In order to process the transaction, bank details and a passport of the grant recipient are necessary. Afterwards, a receipt will be issued. 


About EuMA

The European Microwave Association (EuMA) is an international non-profit association with a scientific, educational and technical purpose. The aim of the Association is to develop in an interdisciplinary way, education, training and research activities. [more]

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