Exhibitor List 


AFT Microwave GmbH Stand 194 www.aft-microwave.com
Aerospace & Defense Technology  Publishers Corner www.techbriefs.com
Stand 205-206-166-165
American Standard Circuits Inc. Stand 180 www.asc-i.com
Ampleon Netherlands B.V. Stand 154 www.ampleon.com
Analog Devices Stand 111A www.analog.com 
Anritsu EMEA Ltd Stand 109 www.anritsu.com  
ANSYS Germany GmbH Stand 111 www.ansys.com
AO Technologies  Stand 198 www.aotechnologies.fr
API Technologies Corp. Stand 182 www.apitech.com
AR Deutschland GmbH Stand 213 www.ar-deutschland.com
ART-FI Stand 146-147 www.art-fi.eu
Aspocomp Group Plc Stand 256 www.aspocomp.com
AT Wall Company Stand 191 www.atwall.com
Auriga PIU Tech Stand 169  
AVX Limited Stand 192A www.avx.com 
Axtal Stand 262 263 www.axtal.com/cms/iwebs/default.aspx
Beijing Xibao Electronic Technology Co Ltd Stand 188 www.beijingxibao.com
Bird Technologies Stand 254 www.birdrf.com
BONN Elektronik GmbH Stand 197 www.bonn-elektronik.com
BRUCO B.V. Stand 110 www.bruco.nl
BSC Filters Ltd. Stand 199/248/297 www.bscfilters.com
bsw TestSystems & Consulting AG Stand 152-153 www.bsw-ag.com
Cascade Microtech Inc. Stand 106B www.cascademicrotech.com 
Chengdu Ganide Technology Co. Ltd. Stand 174 www.ganide.com
Chengdu S&N Microwave Technology Corporation Ltd Stand 222  
Chengdu Sampling Master Electronic Technology Corporation Ltd Stand 222 www.samplingmaster.com
Cicor Management AG - Cicor Group Stand 258 www.cicor.com
CNRS INSIS, (IEMN, IMEP-LHAC, LAAS, XLIM Stand 268/267 www.cnrs.fr/insis 
Cobham Microwave Stand 157 www.cobham.com/microwave
Coilcraft Stand 266/265 www.coilcraft.com 
Copper Mountain Technologies Stand 112B www.coppermountaintech.com
CST-Computer Simulation Technology  Stand 105 www.cst.com 
Daa Sheen Technology Co., Ltd. Stand 209 www.daasheen.com 
Dare!! Instruments Stand 140B www.dare.nl
Dbwave Technologies Co., Ltd Stand 186 www.dbwave-tech.com
DCE Holne (R&D) Ltd Stand 187 gill.hibbitt@dce-holne-rd.com
DICONEX - DELTA OHM Stand 159 www.diconex.fr 
DOWA HD Europe GmbH Stand 233 www. Dowa-electronics.co.ip/en/function
DOWA Holdings Co., Ltd Stand 233 www.dowa.co.jp/index_e.html
Dow-Key Microwave Stand 199/248/297 www.dowkey.com
Teledyne e2v Stand 269 www.e2v.com
EBV ELEKTRONIK GMBH & CO. KG  Stand 129-130-131 www.ebv.com
Ed Fagan Europe Ltd Stand 187 www.edfagan.co.uk
EGIDE SA Stand 167 www.egide-group.com
Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT-Elisra Stand 254 www.elbitsystems.com/elisra
Electro Rent Europe  Stand 119 www.electrorent.com
Electronic Specifier Publishers Corner www.electronicspecifier.com
Electronics World Publishers Corner www.electronicsworld.co.uk
Elektronik-Praxis Publishers Corner www.elektronikpraxis.vogel.de 
emv Service GmbH (Germany) Stand 140B www.emv-service.com/de/index.html
E-REON B.V. Stand 150 www.e-reon.com
European Space Agency - RF Ewquipment Technology Stand 220 www.esa.int
Everything RF Publishers Corner www.everythingrf.com
Exxelia  Stand 190 www.exxelia.com
Filtronic Broadband Limited Stand 142 www.filtronic.com
Flann Microwave Ltd. Stand 254 www.flann.com 
Focus Microwaves Inc Stand 169 www.focus-microwaves.com
Formfactor Stand 106B www.formfactor.com
Fraunhofer FHR Stand 110 www.fhr.fraunhofer.de
Frontlynk Technologies Inc. Stand 256 www.frontlynk.com 
Fuzhou MIcable Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  Stand 225 www.micable.cn
GapWaves AB Stand 242 www.gapwaves.com
Gerotron Communication GmbH Stand 113-114-115-116-117 www.gerotron.com
Giga-tronics Incorporated Stand 254 www.gigatronics.com
Globes Elektronik GmbH & Co KG Stand 231-230-229 www.globes.de
hf-Praxis Publishers Corner www.beam-verlag.de
High Frequency Electronics Publishers Corner www.highfrequencyelectronics.com
Hi-Rel Group LLC Stand 249 www.hirelgroup.com
HUBER + SUHNER Stand 118 www.hubersuhner.com 
Hytem Stand 145 www.hytem.net
iBROW Stand 278 www.ibrow-project.eu
IEEE Microwave Magazine Publishers Corner www.ieee.org
IEEE-MTT Int’l Microwave Symposium Stand 201 www.ims.mtt.org
IHP GmbH Stand 245 www.ihp-microelectronics.com 
IMST GmbH Stand 140 www.imst.de
Innertron Inc. Stand 175 www.innertron.com  
Innovative Integration Stand 181 www.innovative-dsp.com
IW Microwave Products Division Stand 254 www.iw-microwave.com
Jet Metal Technologies Stand 184 www.jetmetal-tech.com
K&L Microwave Stand 199/248/297 www.klmicrowave.com
Keysight Technologies Stand 106C www.keysight.com
Knowles Stand 177-178 www.knowles.com
Kuhne Electronic GmbH Stand 164 www.kuhne-electonic.de
Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc. Stand 106 www.lakeshore.com
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG Stand 192B www.lpkf.com
MACOM Stand 181-150 www.macom.com
Magic Xtal Ltd Stand 272 www.magicxtal.com
Maury Microwave Corp. Stand 106A www.maurymw.com
MEV Elektronik Service GmbH Stand 207/216 www.mev-elektronik.com
Mician GmbH Stand 155-171 www.mician.com
Micro Systems Engineering GmbH Stand 221 www.mst.com/msegmbh
Microwave Engineering Europe  Publishers Corner www.microwave-eetimes.com
Microwave Innovation Group (MiG) Stand 176 www.mig-germany.com
Microwave Journal Publishers Corner www.microwavejournal.com
Microwave Product Digest (Octagon Comms) Publishers Corner www.mpdigest.com
Microwave Products Group Stand 199/248/297 www.dovermpg.com
Microwaves & RF Stand 231-230-229 www.mwfr.com
Microwaves and RF Publishers Corner www.mwrf.com
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV Stand 122-123-137 www.mitsubishichips.eu
MIWEKO-Mikrowellen Und Hochfrequenz Vertriebs GmbH Stand 183 www.miweko.de
Molex LLC. Stand 189 www.molex.com
MOSIS  Stand 156-168 www.mosis.com
MPI Corporation Stand 128 www.mpi-corporation.com
MRC Gigacomp GmbH & Co. KG Stand 143 www.mrc-gigacomp.com
Municom GmbH Stand 238 www.municom.de
National Instruments Stand 124-125-135-136 www.ni.com 
Nesuro LTD Stand 169  
NXP Semiconductors Stand 112A www.nxp.com 
OMMIC Stand 162-163 www.ommic.com
Optenni Ltd.  Stand 255 www.optenni.com
Optiprint AG Stand 208 www.optiprint.ch
Pasquali Microwave Systems Srl Stand 161B www.pasquali-microwavesystems.com
Passive Plus Inc. Stand 262 263 www.passiveplus.com
Pickering Interfaces Ltd. Stand 141 www.pickeringtest.com 
Plexsa Manufacturing Stand 279 www.plexsa.com
Pole/Zero Stand 199/248/297 www.polezero.com
Premix Oy Stand 193 www.premixgroup.com
Pro Nova Elektronik GmbH Stand 254 www.pn-com.de
Radar Systems Technology Inc. Stand 149 www.rst-inc.com 
Radiall GmbH Stand 277 www.radiall.com
Remcom Inc. Stand 257 www.remcom.com
RF Microtech srl Stand 170 www.rfmicrotech.com
RFMW Europe Ltd. Stand 196 www.rfmw.com
RIGOL Technologies Eu GmbH Stand 224 www.rigol.eu
Rogers Corp. Stand 147-151 www.rogerscorp.com
Rohde & Schwarz Stand 108 www.rohde-schwarz.com 
Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG Stand 172/173 www.rosenberger.com 
Schmid & Partner Engineering AG Stand 276/275 www.speag.com 
Schott AG Stand 260 www.schott.com/epackaging
SDP Telecom Stand 184 https://sdptelecom.com/home/ 
Shanghai Focusimple Electric Compenants Co., Ltd Stand 217/218  
Shenzen Superlink Technology Co., Ltd Stand 217/218 www.slkcorp.com
Shenzhen Huayang Technology Development Co. Ltd. Stand 185 www.htd-rf.com
Silicon Radar GmbH Stand 252 www.siliconradar.com
Sonnet Software Inc. Stand 144 www.sonnetsoftware.com 
Southwest Microwave Inc. Stand 202 www.southwestmicrowave.com 
SpaceForest  Stand 106C www.spaceforest.pl
Specialist Microwave Solutions Ltd. Stand 254 www.smslimited.co.uk 
Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH Stand 138 www.spectrum-et.com
Spinner GmbH Stand 148 www.spinner-group.com
STACEM Stand 251 www.stacem.com
Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations Stand 120-121-139 www.sei-device.com 
Sumitomo Electric Europe Ltd. Stand 120-121-139 www.sumelectric.com
Tech-Inter Stand 239 www.tech-inter.eu
Techniwave Stand 240 www.techniwave.com
Teledyne Microwave Solutions Stand 160 www.teledynemicrowave.com
Teledyne Relays Stand 160 www.teledynerelays.com
Teledyne Storm Microwave Stand 160 www.teledynestorm.com/microwave
Telemeter Electronic GmbH Stand 212 www.telemeter.info
Times Microwave Systems Stand 237 www.timesmicrowave.com
TNO Defense, Safety and Security Stand 110 www.tno.nl
Trilight Microwave Stand 262/263 www.trilightmw.com
UniqueSec AB Stand 243 www.uniquesec.com
United Monolithic Semiconductors SAS Stand 126-127-134 www.ums-gaas.com 
Varioprint AG Stand 158 www.varioprint.ch
Vectrawave Stand 262 263 www.vectrawave.com 
VIA electronic GmbH Stand 259 www.via-electronic.de
WIPL-D doo Stand 261B www.wipl-d.com 
Wolfspeed, A Cree Company  Stand 195-264 www.wolfspeed.com
Wurth Elektonik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG Stand 133-132 www.we-online.com


About EuMA

The European Microwave Association (EuMA) is an international non-profit association with a scientific, educational and technical purpose. The aim of the Association is to develop in an interdisciplinary way, education, training and research activities. [more]

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