Women in Microwave Engineering


We continue the tradition of holding the Women in Microwave Engineering (WiM) event, co-sponsored by the IEEE MTT-Society. This year´s event will take place on Tuesday 25th September, in the afternoon, and will focus on communications technology for space exploration. Both women and men are welcome. Attendees will visit one of the following two centres located near Madrid: the NASA-MDSCC (Madrid Deep Space Communications Centre) or the ESA-ESAC (European Space Astronomy Centre). Besides visiting the centre, presentations will be given by scientists working at MDSCC or ESAC. As initiated during EuMW 2017, the WiM attendees will have the opportunity to interact with high school students who are invited to participate in this event. Early registration is encouraged, since the number of participants is limited. The event is free of charge, except for € 5 for the subsidised lunchbox that will be directly delivered to the buses that will transport attendees from IFEMA to the centres and back.



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