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EuMW 2016 Career Platform


EuMW 2016 will continue the Career Platform initiative with the aim of fostering the dynamic between young researchers, engineers and the job market within the field of microwaves. Following the successfull 2015 edition, a dedicated area will be reserved for meeting human resources and recruiting. A special session will also be held on industrial market analysis and jobs development. EuMW 2016 will also continue with the unique e-Platform initiative with the ambition of offering the RF and Microwave community a job portal on a European scale.

For further information, please contact the Career Platform Chair or the Co-Chair:

EuMW 2016 Career Platform Chair:
Dr. Noushin Karimian
The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

EuMW 2016 Career Platform Co-Chair:
Dr. Jean-Luc Polleux
Université Paris-Est, ESYCOM, ESIEE Paris

This platform includes four events to sustain the Industry-Research-Education triangle:

  • ♦ Special session 1: The European Microwave Industry Market
  • ♦ An E-platform : RF-and-Microwave-Jobs-in-Europe
  • ♦ A career platform’s lounge and recruiting-booths

Take part of the event as a recruiter and benefit from:



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