Workshops & Short Courses


The links in the table below take you to the latest schedule for each workshop and short course, including any updates since the printed version was produced.  

SS-01 Half Day EuMC Multibeam Antennas and Beamforming Networks
WS-01 Full Day EuMC Microwave Photonics: An Enabling Technology for 5G?
WS-02 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Advances in GaN Device Technology for Millimeter-Wave Applications (CONTENT UPDATED) 
WS-03 Full Day EuMC Wireless 100Gb/s and Beyond: Progress in Ultra-fast Wireless Communications
WS-04 Full Day EuMC Equipment and Antennas for Satellite Communication
WS-05 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Microwave and THz Devices and Circuits Based on Graphene
WS-06 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Integration of III-V Nanowire Semiconductors for Next Generation High Performance CMOS SOC Technologies, and Competitive Solutions
WS-07 Full Day EuMC High-Q RF MEMS Devices and Multiphysical Cross-Layer Circuit Design
WS-08 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC High Efficiency Power Amplifiers and Smart Transmitters
WS-09 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC 5G - From Concepts to Circuits 
WS-10 Full Day EuMC Fan-out Wafer Level and 3D Packaging Technologies for RF and mm-Wave Applications: Available Technologies and Applications from Industry
WS-11 Full Day EuMC Chipless RFID Systems, Technology and Applications
WS-12 Half Day EuMC Newest Trends in OTA Performance Testing for Automotive and 5G
WS-13 Full Day EuMC Advanced RF and Microwave Circuit Technologies
WS-14 Half Day EuMC Modelling, Identification and Suppression of Parasitic Modes in On-Wafer Measurements
WS-15 Half Day EuMC The Basics of Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers
WM-01 Full Day EuMC Current and Future Use of Spectrum by PMSE - 4th PMSE Workshop at EuMW
WM-02 Full Day EuMC Electromagnetic Sensors for Life Science Applications 
WM-03 Full Day EuMC Far-Field and Near-Field Techniques for Wireless Energy Transfer
WM-04 Half Day EuMC High Power RF- and Microwave Amplifiers and Generators
WM-05 Half Day EuMC Connecting to MMIC at Millimeter-Waves
WM-06 Half Day EuMC THz Electronics Technology for Communications and Sensing
WM-07 Half Day EuMC mm-Wave Antenna Measurement Techniques and Facilities Planning
WM-08 Full Day EuMC Novel Fabrication Technologies for Sub-Millimeter Wave to THz Applications
WTu-01 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Terahertz Technologies: A Device and Application Prospective from Fundamentals to Implementations
SW-01 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD Modulation Schemes and Interference of Automotive Radars
WW-01 Half Day EuMC Technologies and Circuits for Advanced Automotive Radar and Related Applications
WW-02 Half Day EuMIC/EuRAD Millimetre Wave Radar Sensor Design in Nanoscale RF-CMOS Technologies
WW-03 Half Day EuMC/EuMIC Recent Advancements in Wide-Band and Efficient GaN Power Amplifiers
WTh-01 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD Resource-Efficient Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
WTh-02 Full Day EuRAD Short Range mmW Imaging Systems  
WTh-03 Full Day EuMC/EuMIC Integrated Circuits for High Datarate THz-Communication
SF-01 Full Day EuRAD Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
SF-02 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD Radar Based Detection of Drones
SF-03 Half Day EuRAD Noise Radar Technology
WF-01 Full Day EuRAD Present and Future Perspectives of Passive Radar
WF-02 Half Day EuMC Wearable Antennas and Smart Textiles
WF-03 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD Highly Integrated mm-Wave Systems for Emerging Industrial and Consumer Radar-Based Applications
WF-04 Half Day EuRAD Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Systems – Status and Trends
WF-05 Full Day EuMC The Internet of Space, a New Satellite Communication Technique  
WF-06 Full Day EuMC/EuRAD Sub-Millimetre Wave and THz Imaging for Security
WF-07 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD Future Automotive Radar Systems 
WF-08 Half Day EuMC/EuRAD Automotive Radar Measurement Solutions - For End-of-Line Purposes as well as in Aftersales 



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