The 2017 Defence, Security & Space Forum


Speaker: Wolfgang Duerr, Airbus DS Inc. USA Technologies

Title: The World's Largest Satellite Constellation ‘OneWeb’ – Redefining Satellite Communications


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates about 56% of the population is without internet access globally. OneWeb’s mission is to enable affordable internet access for everyone, especially to those who cannot be served by the available telecommunication services provider today. OneWeb will be the first constellation of telecommunication satellites in Low Earth Orbit with global coverage. The initial constellation design comprises about 650 satellites, providing high-speed internet access and telecommunication services with latencies similar to terrestrial networks. Innovative satellite design and manufacturing is revolutionizing the way that satellites are being built today. The presentation will provide an overview on the current status of OneWeb, the challenges we face in satellite design and production, and the upcoming services provided by the constellation in future.



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