The 2017 Defence, Security & Space Forum


Speaker: Timothy Boles, Distinguished Fellow of Technology, MACOM

Title: Internet of Space, Past, Present, & Future


The Internet of Space concept necessitates that the internet move from a present realization that is based upon base station nodes; whether a high power macro-station design, “small cell” pico-cell or femto-cell approaches, and even the latest phased array, massive MIMO ideas; to effect the interchange of information, to a satellite based system in various earth orbits. Using this concept, video, voice, and data based information can reach and service urban, rural, isolated, mobile, and otherwise inaccessible corners of the globe. When applied to the Defence and Military sector, the descriptors of security and command and control need to be added.

After outlining past and present systems this presentation considers the development of new technologies that will have direct application to Defence and ultimately Space applications. This includes the development effort being undertaken to pursue functional blocks such as high performance solid state components like COMB Generators and high power mmWave AlGaAs/GaAs PIN diode switches capable of operating in the EHF and SHF bands and tile based phased array SPAR tiles that have been developed for commercial AESA applications that are now finding direct applications in the ground based and airborne defence arenas and have no fundamental limitations for space usage.


Timothy Boles holds a BA degree in physics from St. Mary’s University and a MA degree in physics from Washington University. He is the holder of 17 US patents and has authored/co-authored over 130 publications. He has been actively involved in the design, development, and manufacture of microwave devices and circuits for over three decades. This has included power and low noise bipolar and MOSFET transistors; silicon and SiGe MMICs; Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit based single function ICs, including mixers, switches, and passive glass at microwave and mmWave frequencies; GaAs and AlGaAs mmWave ICs; and most recently high frequency GaN HEMT’s and high voltage GaN Schottky diodes.

Boles joined MACOM in 1991 and is one of nine current Technology Fellows at MACOM Technology Solutions. He also serves as the Chairman of the Technology Fellows Committee. His current assignment is as individual contributor in Technology Development. In this role he has continued to work in the field of high frequency devices/structures to investigate the integration of new and emerging technologies to advance the overall power, frequency, and performance capabilities of microwave and mmWave transistor and diode based devices and integrated circuits.



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