Industrial Session Keynotes

In this format newly introduced at EuMW2017 selected speakers from industry will present latest challenges and achievements in the EuMC, EuMIC, and EuRAD sessions devoted to the hottest conference topics. All Session Keynotes are allocated the first time slot in these sessions. This concept is intended to intensify interaction between industry and academia by highlighting the most advanced application-oriented problems and solutions.
Our conference teams have succeeded in attracting the following high-level speakers.

European Microwave Conference (EuMC)




Keynote in session

J. Parlebas

Tesat Spacecom

Overview of Passive Filter Technologies for Satellite Payloads

Compact and Advanced Implementations of Waveguide Filters

T. Gottwald

Schweizer Electronic

Future Antenna and Packaging Alternatives for high reliability Millimeter Wave Applications

Interconnects and Packaging

P. Thouvenin

Thales Electron Devices

Vacuum versus Solid State RF Sources : complementarity better than competition

High Power Microwave and mm-Wave Sources

T. Euler

Computer Simulation Technology

Multi-scale electromagnetic simulation from component to system level

Numerical Modelling of Radiating Structures

J. Dunsmore

Keysight Technologies

Advanced Methods for Network and Spectrum Measurements in mm-Wave and THz Bands

Advances in Measurements

R. Lombardi

Huawei Technologies

Millimeter-wave technology trends for 5G antenna arrays and Massive MIMO architectures – An industry view

Novel Technologies for Future Wireless Communication Systems

G. Thomas


The Art of Communication and the Role of Space Systems to connect society

Wireless Communication Channels

European Microwave Integrated Circuit Conference (EuMIC)




Keynote in session

W. Deal

Northrop Grumman Corp.

THz Integrated Circuits

THz Integrated Circuits

H. Riel

IBM Research

Nanoscale Electronics

Advanced Silicon Devices and Circuits

C. Campbell


The Struggle for Bandwidth – GaN and The Non-Uniform Distributed Power Amplifier

New Approaches for Broadband GaN Power Amplifiers

V. Issakov


Highly Integrated mm-Wave Transceivers for Communication Systems

Highly Integrated mm-Wave Transceivers


European Radar Conference (EuRAD)




Keynote in session

S. Ahmed

Rohde & Schwarz

Automotive Testing by Microwave Imaging ― A Rethinking

Automotive Radar 3

P. Gulden

Symeo GmbH

Multistatic Automotive Radar Networks with Software Enabled Phase Coherency

Automotive Radar 2




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